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Appin Security Group denies claims of being involved in cyber attacks | -Cyber Attacks-



The Norman Shark 'Operation Hangover' report had named the Indian company as one of the possible suspects behind the cyber attacks across the globe.

Appin Security Group has rubbished the Norman Shark 'Operation Hangover' report that said the Indian company was involved in a sophisticated cyber attack infrastructure. The report released earlier this week had claimed India was fast becoming the breeding ground of advanced persistent threat (APT) activity.

Appin Security Group denies claims of being involved in cyber attacksAppin Security Group says the claims were “totally false and very imaginative”. The company said the report itself says "we are not implicating or suggesting inappropriate activity by Appin. Maybe someone has tried to hurt Appin by falsifying evidence to implicate them. Maybe some rogue agent within Appin Security Group is involved, or maybe there are other explanations."

Appin also referred to a report by the Data Security Council of India and raised questions over the authenticity of the Norwegian report.

"It is incorrect that Appin had placed details on any server which was accessible to people or in any manner it could be compromised. Appin always follows industry standard protocols for protecting data," Times of India quotes Appin as saying.

Earlier, the Norman Shark report claimed the Indian cyber attack infrastructure "has likely been in operation for over three years, primarily as a platform for surveillance against targets of national security interest that are mostly based in Pakistan and possibly in the United States. It is also used for industrial espionage against the Norwegian telecom corporation Telenor and other civilian corporations. Evidence points to professional project management and outsourcing of key tasks, including some by freelance programmers."

The report further said the perpetrators based in India had "employed multiple developers tasked with delivering specific malware", and that they appear to have "the resources and the relationships in India to make surveillance attacks possible anywhere in the world".

Appin Security Group denies claims of being involved in cyber attacks

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